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On the little things, you self insure. By the way, that gives you more money to self insure with because you’re not spending all your money on home warranties, extended warranties, electronics warranties and all these other rip off things. There are some advantages to participating in a home warranty program. Warranties usually cost between $250 and $600 a year, with many deductibles ranging from $30 to $100. Some home appliance warranty programs charge premium only, with no deductible. If you end up with a serious plumbing problem, or if your heating system breaks down, having the home warranty can save you money.

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Seems they didn’t want to risk a judgment against them.

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I feel like no I KNOW I am getting the famous runaround, in this Louisiana heat.

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After requesting service for my A/C breakdown on 5/16/18, the contractor assigned to me went unresponsive to my calls for repair for 8 days.

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It means that they are legally required to hold up to their end of the agreement.